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Fourteen-year-old Blue’s mom died suddenly, right before summer break begins. Aside from taking care of his two-year-old brother, Charlie, when his dad returns to work, Blue doesn’t know what to do with himself, doesn’t know how to live on with the hole his mother’s loss left in his life and fears he will never feel normal and good again.

Then he meets Frankie, a free-spirit who recently moved to Minneapolis and who has lost count of the number of places she and her mom have stayed since her dad left.  Now that her mother is sober, once and for all, Frankie is certain her father will come back to their family and they will finally be together again.

Soon after meeting, Blue and Frankie become inseparable in the city that summer. As they share parallel journeys of loss, early independence, and urban adventure, Blue develops a blazing crush on Frankie. But when Frankie’s mom quits her job and starts acting weird, Frankie fears her life will be uprooted again, and Blue is terrified he is about to lose another piece of his heart.