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I create and teach writing curricula designed to evoke reflection, mindfulness, creativity, healing, self-awareness, empowerment, inspiration, and transformation for all types, ages, cultures, and inclinations of people and organizations. I do this based on over 20 years of personal writing experience, an extensive literature review on the mental, emotional, social, behavioral, and spiritual benefits of writing about our lives, and research I authored and conducted on journaling as a path toward stress reduction and self-knowledge with urban teenage moms.  I have worked with adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, poverty, homelessness, addiction, as well as aspiring youth writers, social service and mental health professionals, educators, parents, youth workers, and everyday people in my community of north Minneapolis. For over a decade I have been teaching the arts of life and writing in high schools, universities, conference rooms, basements, the Loft Literary Center, and sometimes in a treeehouse.

I teach Personal Leadership at the University of Minnesota, and designed a course for Hamline University’s Graduate School of Education’s Continuing Studies on Social Emotional Literacy Development.

In between the cracks of time, I write young adult novels, and was awarded the Minnesota State Arts Board 2016 Artist Initiative Grant for my novel Phoenix.

I am a humanist who believes deeply in the power of our stories. My mission is, through the art of writing, to launch people into their highest possibilities, inspiring them to be who they are meant to be and give the gifts they are meant to give this world.

I love what I do.

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