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journal/story therapy

For people who need a breath of inspiration and movement in their lives, whether that means unsticking themselves from old relationships, careers, thought patterns, or lifestyle, our journal/story therapy sessions together in the Treehouse are guaranteed to move and inspire you to be the person you are meant to be, living your life within the reflection of your soul’s longing. Think of this as training toward a lifetime of self-coaching through the practice of journaling.

During our sessions together, we will hone in on the areas of your life that need renovation, and through specific and customized writing exercises, you will set the winds of change in motion while invigorating and inspiring yourself to live your best life.

Meanwhile, you will begin writing your life story on your own terms…

Individual sessions in the Treehouse: $125/hour. Includes one 15-minute follow-up consultation, either in person or by phone.