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What pregnant teens and teen moms have to say about The Art of Life and Writing’s journaling classes:

“I think your journaling class is really great and helpful.  If I were to just write about anything, I don’t think I would be able to, because each week you come in, you always have a great writing exercise.  I’ve been able to write how I feel…All my life, everything has been so chaotic.  I feel really sad, angry, confused, stressed, and depressed this week…But thanks to you, I’m able to get some of that stuff out of my head and on paper.”

“Well, I really like this class on Friday.  It really helps a girl, ya know, with everything I go through.  It really is a relaxing moment here and writing helps me with a lot of things.  Just to get off my mind because as a teenage mom, it’s hard.”

“This class is good.  It helped me relieve some stress of my body.  I never used to be able to sit in my chair and writing this long.  Now when I go home, I can sit for hours and write, write, write.  It’s an easy way to say what’s on your mind on paper if you can’t tell someone directly.  You as a person put an impact on my life to be able to write what’s going on in [my] life.”

“I like this journal class because it helps me write better so when I take a writing test, I can pass it… When I started this class this year, I thought it was going to be lame, but I was wrong about that.  It is fun now.  It helps me when I get mad at somebody I can let it out on paper.  That’s why I like writing about how I feel about people I know.”

“Thank you for being with us and giving us an opportunity to express ourselves and to relieve stress.  I really appreciate it and think it’s a great idea.  Keep doin’ what you do.  God bless your heart.”

“I really love this class.  I look forward to it every week.  It really helps me work out my frustrations and count my blessings.  Thank you so much for this opportunity. Keep up the good work.”

“Things are going good.  I really like the fact that we get to jot down things at the end of the week  so that I can look back at what I did that week and if my week was bad or just great then I can put it into words and keep on with my life.”

“I like your attitude when you come into class!  You always have a positive impact on my morning.  I like the music you play.  It’s very relaxing.”

“I would like to do more journaling.  I love to write.  It feels so great.”

“We spend too much time writing.  I’m not a big fan of writing, it gets me tired.  But I like this class a lot.  It’s calming.”

“I love the writing and the mood/feeling of writing.”

“I like this class because it helps me let go of the stresses of life and just write what I’m feeling and how things need to be.” 

“This class is very helpful to me.  It gets me to get my frustrations out that were buggin’ me throughout the week.  Things needed to get out and the topic of this session (Visualizing our Ideal Partners)has been something being talked about all week.  This is very helpful.  Thanks for the experience.  Quote to put on your site, ‘You can get RID of anything you wasn’t born with’. -Bennie Ruth Whitfield (Baby Dad’s Grandma).”

What participants say about classes and workshops in the Treehouse:

“What a gift you have!  What a joy it is to take time to reflect and thing about what we can be.  Your spirit and energy are perfect for leading this class on the journey.  And I LOVE the thoughtful content and exercises you put forth.  The beauty of hte space and presentation of everything is so spot on and inspiring.  Thank you!!!”

“LOVED it!  Always a chance to slow down, stop the chatter in my brain, and refocus on where I’d like to go/spend my energies.  You always create an amazing setting to relax and leave your clutter at the door.”

“As always, I loved my time in the Treehouse, surrounded by the wisdom and positive energy of Janna and the people her workshops attract.  This wisdom and energy allowed me to freely express what I envision for my life.  I feel invigorated and excited for what happens next.”

“The quality of the content is fabulous–the questions, writing examples, and homework.  It is a really great class.”

What mental health practitioners have to say about The Art of Life and Writing’s professional development workshops:

“Love your enthusiasm and passion.  Thank you for sharing this with us.  I would love to have further sessions with you and get staff and clients involved.”

“Your positive attitude and excellent presentation skills breathed life into this presentation.  It was wonderful.”

“I was surprised at how emotional this was for me and how just by keeping on writing, I found myself expressing problems, but also providing solutions and affirmations to myself!”

“I have been looking for a training to help me feel focused and calm, and that is exactly how I felt after the journaling activities.”

“I love the genuineness you bring to the session.  You seem like an incredibly self-aware person who brings a lot of credibility to the journey.  Good for you for creating such a meaningful life!”

“So powerful!  Thanks for giving me this gift!”

What social workers have to say about The Art of Life and Writing’s professional development workshops:

“It was ALL beneficial.  I need to go back to journaling.  I used to journal and I learned to do it again, to give myself that special time where I can just talk to my God about my day, my life, my everything.  A conversation with God and me.”

“This was my favorite session of the conference so far.  I feel like I have just obtained an amazing tool to use in my work with others, but also for my own well being!  After doing this in class, I feel so relaxed!”

“All of it was really good, but the actually doing was great.  I enjoy the real life examples, the research, and the description of your journeys.  You are a great presenter–enthusiastic, real, bright, and personable.”

“The most important thing I learned during this workshop was the value of journaling for myself and I plan to do it several mornings a week–picked a time already that can be incorporated into my day!”

“Janna was very informative and interactive.  I hope this will flourish within the social service industry.”

“After attending this session, I would like to purchase journals for all of my clients (childrens’ mental health caseload) and ask that they start journaling.  I recently started journaling myself after a cousin passed away and it helps me with memories I have with her and the things we did together.  I enjoy getting my feelings and emotions out.”

“I think this workshop was exactly what I needed right now.  I came to help my clients but found an outlet for myself!”