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Writing To Unstick and Inspire

(Stay tuned for dates to come!)

life is too short to waste any of it. when we are stuck and uninspired, we have the power within to resuscitate our lives and bring back creativity, soul, passion, and vision.

writing in a journal is a powerful literary art that allows an open space each day to listen to ourselves and our lives, to see where we are stuck so that we may unstick and bloom.

this journaling workshop is for writers and non-writers who are craving something more, who want to infuse creative energy and inspiration into their daily lives in a simple, artful, and mindful way.

during this workshop, we will write about what is working and what is not, what matters and what does not. we will use our writing to uncover lost or forgotten dreams, dust them off, and give them energy.

participants will leave this workshop on the winds of self-inspiration.

Where? Zen Adventure Treehouse (an urban writing retreat in Minneapolis)

Cost: $100

To register: contact me