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holy communion


It seems that every Monday morning after the kids are dropped off at school, I enter my work space reeling and discombobulated, trying to find my footing as I move my focus from the full weekend back into my work.  All of the stuff I want and need to do–a thousand different thoughts competing for attention– stand jumbled and crowded at the front of my brain.  And for those first few moments back at my desk, I am stunned.

“If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.” -Lord Byron

I want to get right back into my work, right back into the flow of my book and classes and proposals and queries and all of the other stuff that I left at my desk on Friday before I entered the weekend.  I want to hit the ground running, not waste any time, because the six hours the kids are in school go by in a flash.

But it’s impossible for me.  I must take the first ten or so minutes of my day, before I open my computer, before I check email, before I read the news–before everything–and connect with myself, organize the thoughts careening through my brain and clean out the clutter so I can enter my flow unhindered.  Writing is the way I commune with myself.  It’s my chill pill.  And it’s the compass I use to help navigate the rest of my week.

I bet it can do the same for you.  Because when we each take time to commune with ourselves, to hold a simple, small space of time sacred and listen to our thoughts, we enter our days with more space within, more zen.

Try it.  Write the date and where you are at the top of your page, and enter your space with the word, “Today…”  You do not need to know what you are going to write about.  Just write the word, “Today…” and let what needs to come out come out.  The most demanding thoughts will surely come first.  They are usually the clutter that shroud the quieter thoughts, the deeper thoughts.  So get the clutter out first–give it the attention it seeks, and let it move on out of your way.  Then you will make room for the quieter thoughts to speak, the thoughts that hang out a little deeper, away from the surface.  Get to these thoughts and listen to them.  They will lead you to the voice of your soul.  And get there as often as possible so you can touch that place within.

Then, hold your heart open.  There you will receive your holy communion.


  1. Loved this! Always try to practice it every morning. It is so tempting to check that e mail straight away! Thanks also for the reminder of just profound the word “today” can be wow! I am grateful for the reminder. Thank you again!


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