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I was the girl who…

Friday, April 8, 2011
Bob’s Java Hut

Last night I was on my couch, crying, because I put effort toward toward my dreams, and I was fooling myself, thinking I have control over the outcome.  Silly me.  I only have control over my actions, and then I must let it go, and ride under the sunshine and breathe in the blue sky and be blessed.

This morning, I woke early, kissed my now six-year old baby boy sleeping next to me, and went into the Treehouse and stretched my body.  It felt good.  Isn’t that enough?  To kiss my son, to wake with my health, to know my family is healthy and safe.  Yes, it is enough.

This morning I received an email from a friend named Hope.  Her name and her message are no coincidence.  Her guru friend Gerald, Gerald of the Wise Quotes, said to her, and she wrote to me:

fear knocked at the door
faith answered
there was no one there

This morning I realized that I get caught up on reaching that goal that none of us really reaches if we are evolving, growing, reaching.  As long as there is sun and water, love and friendship, we will continue to grow toward our sun, grow into and beyond our dreams.  And I realized that what I am doing, writing, being, drinking tea, loving, and crossing the street safely, is enough.  Perfect.  A life.  Enough.


This morning, we wrote about our lives, beginning with the words, “I was the girl who…”  I love this from one of the students in my class:

I was the girl who hung out with the weird one-eyed girl.
I was the girl who wore four ponytails on top of my head.  -A.A.

So here is your writing exercise: Beginning with the words, “I was the girl (or boy) who…” tell the story of who you were as a little girl or boy.

For example, I was the girl who had the bad Dorothy Hamil haircut, who wore hand-me-down clothes and liked to play “explorer” along the side of the creek.  I was the girl who loved to ride my bike, no brakes, down the 577h street hill, through the stop sign at Beard Avenue below.  I was the girl who loved to run, to play tag with the boys at the park, the girl who was running without looking and ran into the drinking fountain and got a bloody nose.  I was the skinny girl who walked up to Don’s Superette each week and spent all of her allowance on candy….

Enjoy your week, enjoy this moment.  I leave you with a quote by the extraordinary Mary Oliver:

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.


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