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inspiration and soul


Recently I received this message from a person who was curious about the word “Inspirationist” in my title. He writes:

“What does Inspirationist mean to you? I’m curious as it conjures a notion of being creative and doing in my mind…

… I’ve been feeling stuck in —- for the past 6 or so years. Good pay and high technological expertise and being pretty highly specialized seems like a recipe for being or at least feeling stuck.

My current adventure, that admittedly isn’t moving very quickly, is to find work and relocate back to ——-.”

I think this is a common quandary and an excellent question. I think what he is asking is: “What does inspiration mean and how can I use it to unstick myself?”

what is inspiration?

If we humans are energy, inspiration is the spark that lights us up. We feel it as a breath of creative energy and possibility. We feel it when we are open to life and when we listen to ourselves. It is a reflection of our soul’s longing.

where do we find inspiration?

We find inspiration within. We find it by spending time listening to ourselves and the feedback from our lives.

We find it in the people we meet and the things we experience.

Inspiration is everywhere. But we must be open to receiving it.

fear kills inspiration

Be aware of your fear—fear of change, fear of not knowing how, fear of the unknown—because fear strangles inspiration. Inspiration literally means “to breathe into.” When you feel inspired, you come alive. When you feel fear, you shrink.

how do I live an inspired life?

Living an inspired life means finding and recognizing what inspires you, and expressing it with all of your heart, even when you are afraid.

If you want to beckon inspiration, simply ask yourself, “What inspires me?”

And then listen to your answer. Pay attention. Trust yourself.

If you have buried your dreams under years spent ignoring them, this exercise may take a while. But don’t stop asking, “What inspires me?”

Then notice your life, notice the people you meet, notice who and what inspires you. Find it. Recognize it. Don’t blow it off. Listen to it. Give it center stage.

The things that truly inspire us are the things that keep bobbing up in our conscious minds, the things that never go away. The things we knew when we were little. And when we think of them, we feel a jolt of energy and possibility.

we must act on our inspiration

What if he decided to just up and move? What if he decided to throw caution and “reason” to the wind, quit his highly specialized and well-paying job, and move like he’s been wanting to do for a while?

What if he makes less money? What if he makes more?

What if he’s happier and more light-filled simply because he followed his heart?

So in answer to the gentleman who sent this message: I think you are hearing two voices: the voice of a society that tells us that the goal of life is a high-paying job and a secure lifestyle, and the voice of your soul that knows life goes fast, and if we don’t capture it now, it won’t wait up for us to catch it later.

to be a light for others

When we listen to ourselves, to our deepest longings, when we breathe life into our highest possibilities and risk following our dreams and divinity, we can someday be a light for others and help them do the same.

And when we are a light for others, we glisten like stars.



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