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the art of journaling

Journaling is a contemplative, creative, literary art enhancing our development as both writers and human beings.  It is a means through which we enter a mindful and creative process, making space to reflect and create in both our lives and writing.  When we sit down to write, we are in effect pausing Life to think, see again, know and understand ourselves, dream, and process life-changing events.  As life ceaselessly swirls and whirls around us, the journal is a respite, a place to land where we can push up our sleeves, ask ourselves important questions, find our truth, and tell our stories.

Journaling is owning and honoring the stories within this very life we are living.

When we take up the pen to name what is going on in our lives, we empower ourselves.  We become co-authors of the story of our lives—Written by Intention and Happenstance, Hope and Circumstance, Patience and Determination, Love and Grit.

The rewards of journaling are profound, including wisdom, deeper self-knowledge, creativity, eloquence, literary development, and greater wellness through mindful living.