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Life: The Magical Mystery Tour

A few years ago, while mired in my existential ruminations, I came across a passage by Joseph Campbell (that at this moment I cannot locate) where he said that everything visible and known is supported by the invisible and unknown.  Basically, I understood it to mean that behind the scenes, there is a whole other world that supports this world/universe in which we live.

I found solace in his theory, especially after giving birth to two angels whose souls were intact way before they took in a lung of air, whose souls are so much more than personality and temperament and environment.  Though I cannot name It or begin to even comprehend It, my son and daughter contain the most profound evidence that there is so much more behind the scenes of Life than I can or need to imagine.

I digress.

The practice of writing for me has been a gift from that great big Unknown, and I consider my writing to be in large part a dialogue between me and this Unknown.  So this morning during class, I gave my students the following writing assignment for their homework, and I encourage you to do this same assignment, for the sheer pleasure and validation that yes, there is something very wise and utterly reachable to which we have constant access if we choose.

Here it is, your writing assignment: Open your journal to the next blank page.  At the top or the middle or wherever, write a question for which you have been seeking an answer.  For example, What do I need to do to fully accept myself?  (That was my question and is my quest), or, “What do I need to do to find satisfaction in my work?”  Or something as big as, “What is my purpose?” (which one of my brilliant, brave students asked this morning).

The answer to your question may zoom into your head immediately and you may be compelled to continue to write.  Or, you can close your journal with the question dangling freely, and walk about your world with your receptors turned on.  Pay attention to what and who comes to you in the following hours/days/weeks! Your answers may be revealed to you through something someone says, to a message written on a bathroom stall door, or within the lyrics of a song, or from the wisdom you hold within.

You do not need to search.  All you need to do is be aware.  Find peace and delight in the magical mystery that all things will be revealed to you when you open yourselves to the answer.

Enjoy the week and the magical mystery tour that is this life.  Come back next Friday for more writing inspiration.  And if you have a story to share or a thought or comment, please, share your wisdom!

Peace and love, Janna.


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