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this moment never again


This is the moment never again.  Never again will the sun slant this way, painting our shadows on the trail as we walk.  Never again will this chorus of birds gather to serenade us entering the dream of summer.  Never again, seven years old, carrying ice cream buckets to the algae-covered pond, promising net-fulls of big, fat tadpoles.

Never again this conversation between two friends, sunhats and bug-bitten legs:

Have you ever got stung by a bee? 

No, but one landed on me once.

Well my brother got stung by a bee!

Oh no!

Never again.

This is the moment that will never be again.  The rejections, the let-downs, the dishes and the lawn that needs to get mowed–those moments will come and go too.  But let’s remember, always, to be in this moment, this golden moment right now, to let this wisdom of an ephemeral life guide us right back to here, now, to this moment never again.



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