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Our Lives, Our Stories, Six Words

March 18, 2011
Common Roots Cafe
Minneapolis, MN

Every Friday, I am blessed to share a table with teenage mothers at a high school in Minneapolis and write about our lives.  Inspired by a book titled, “Not Quite What I Was Planning,” this morning we wrote our life stories in six words.  Here are our words:

Lifted myself, carried myself, here now. -J.K.

No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. -C.B.

My parents taught me, intentionally, unintentionally. -Anonymous

I am not slow, just misunderstood.  -C.B.

Love glows on my very forehead. -E.O.E.

Everything you feel in your mind. -Anonymous

Found my love in someone special. -Anonymous

My breath is stronger, wanting, knowing. -E.O.E.

I was born to love others. -Anonymous

Wear my heart on my sleeve. -C.B.

Living my life best I can. -Anonymous

My pregnancy was my best thing. -Anonymous

What will become of this life? -Anonymous

Your mind is a powerful weapon. -Anonymous

Dorothy Hamil haircut, bumper toe Nikes. -J.K.

Thin line between love and hate. C.B.

2 1/2 years, drama, stress, love. -Anonymous

I love my baby so much. -Anonymous

Black girl with milky white skin. -C.B.

Full of tears and happiness. -Anonymous

Life I know, not my own. -E.O.E.

Blue collar kid, white collar world. -J.K.

Thus, your writing exercise for this week.  Challenge yourself to sit and write your life story in six words.  If you have difficulty beginning, enter your writing by writing about this moment now.

Six words.

This, the story of your life.




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