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Real Life Is…

November 2, 2011
candle flickering on my desk as I write

“Real life isn’t out there in the future somewhere.  Real life is not going to begin when we move into our own house at long last, or when I figure out what to do with myself, or when we are out of debt…Real life is now…Real life is just where we are in this moment, and the only mistake we’ve made so far has been not to pause long enough or often enough to realize that even this odd in-between time is precious, fleeting, and worthy of our attention.” -Katrina Kenison from “the gift of an ordinary day

Here is what “real life” has been for me this past week:

Real life is having an argument with Paul, crying as I drive Oliver and Lucy to school to find out that it is “Parent Day” at Lucy’s preschool and I look like I crawled out, puffy-eyed, from under a bus.  Real life is sitting in a rocking chair in front of Oliver’s first grade class, reading “Stellaluna.”  Real life is laying on our bed facing each other after putting our children down in their beds for the night, figuring out how we can maintain balance in our days that rapidly fly by.  Real life is Halloween crap all over the house–feathers from boas, masks, orange pumpkin art, candy wrappers.  Real life is Dharma laying at my feet, inky darkness outside, early in the morning, as I write into the Unknown.  Real life is not knowing what is to come and trying to be at peace with that.  Real life is my hands looking older after 39 years of long-hand writing and living, the sprout of gray in the middle of my head.  Real life is planning to clean the house and sitting in a foyer at school with a friend, talking instead.  Real life is sitting on a stool in my neighbors kitchen, having a glass of wine while our children play in the basement.

What has “real life” been for you?

Have a blessed day living and honoring life as it is, your real life.


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