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Simple Decadence

Friday, October 14, 2011
Common Roots Cafe
Sun shining so brightly behind me
I can barely see my computer screen

I woke up in the dark of the morning, sandwiched between Oliver and Lucy, who join us in our bed in the middle of every night.  I have yet to perfect the art of peeling myself from the covers unnoticed, before Lucy’s little voice rings out in the darkness, “Mama, you goin’ to your office?”  Every morning.  It would be easier to turn off the alarm and curl up with Oliver and Lucy’s little bodies.  But then I realize, more than they need me to stay, they need to see me take care of myself.  Because when I take care of myself and my wellness, I show them the importance of taking care of themselves in their lives.

When I am well, I’ve noticed they are well.   In other words, when I fill my well, I am able to pour my life and love into theirs.

This morning, I got to see the moon soar across the sky.  At least that’s what it looked like as the illuminated clouds blew across the sky, across the light of the moon.  This morning I padded, barefoot, into my yoga class and stretched my body, keeping my muscles and cells renewed and strengthened.  This morning, I got to sit in Common Roots Cafe by the sunny windows overlooking Lyndale Avenue, write in my journal, and devour my egg and cheese on sesame bagel.

This is my Friday morning ritual, a ritual of yoga and writing, of sitting with the city in a coffee shop, listening to Life outside of my own.  This is my weekly date with myself.  Just as we must feed our primary relationships with our time and attention, we must feed ourselves with time and attention.

How can you find time for a date with yourself, when you feed your life and your soul with simple decadence?


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