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We have become successful at near-total immersion in time-saving technological devices.  We are creatures of the immediate.  Our attention spans are shrinking.  We and, as a by-product, our kids are nearly constantly plugged in and occupied.  Doctors are baffled by the explosion of kids diagnosed with ADHD.  I have more friends on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds than off.  When asked how we are doing, the usual answer has become “busy.”  Go to any restaurant and watch what happens when one of two people leaves the table to go to the restroom or to plug the meter–the one left at the table will invariably grab their phone and gaze into the the light–the nuks of modern society.

I think we are losing it.  Collectively losing it.  And I think we are losing it because we allow no space to exist between our moments.  We fill all of the spaces by returning texts, voice mails, emails, messages, and tweets.  We make no space to not do.  We make no space to not talk or not respond or not answer.  We are all on-call 24/7.  The days of dads ripping the phone from the wall because someone is calling at dinnertime are over.

I think we need those times back.  We need someone to rip the proverbial phone from the wall and give us a little peace.  We need some damn space to think, to create, to reflect, to pause so we can decide where we need to take our next step and why.

We are all worth our undivided attention and time, to fill our wells, to empty our minds, to step back into our lives with a little more clarity and lightness of being.  We have the power to take it back, to return to ourselves, and to make space to step in and slow the cadence.  We teach what we do.  So what are we teaching our children with all of this doing?

  1. Right on target…as always!!! I feel like you always write about things that I am currently thinking about! Have a great weekend!

  2. What great piece this is as all your writing is. You are such a ray of sunshine knowing your family is one of the brightest spots in my life
    Rock on girl.
    Another blog I read is by ally Hamilton . Look her up, I think you’d enjoy it

  3. Love this Janna. We just need to slow down a bit.


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