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tell me your story

“Tell me your story,” I want to say, and sometimes do.

“Like what do you mean?”

“Like everything.  What your childhood was like, what you did, what you thought, how you felt, where you lived, your family.  Then what you did after school–where you worked, what you loved, what you dreamed to do and be.  Tell me about your journey.”

I actually don’t say all of that.  I have learned, especially in this reserved state of Minnesota, that when I ask people too many questions, they get suspicious and wonder why I am asking so many questions.

They don’t understand why their story is so fascinating.  But it is.

How did we get to this moment, where both of our paths have crossed, right here, right now, together?

Tell me the story under the story, the Understory of your journey.

We are all such amazing creatures, to have walked this Earth, to have loved and hoped and feared and dreamed along our paths.

Tell me your story, how you got to here from there, my friend.  Let’s be together and get lost in the stories of our lives.






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