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The Healing Art of Storytelling

February 3, 2012

Each of our lives is a story–a story with its own cast of characters, its own comedy and its tragedy, its own excitement and monotony, twists and turns, foibles and triumphs–and within each story are thousands of stories that make up a life.  Sometimes when I publish a story on this site and my husband reads it, he turns to me and says, “This story is so personal.  Janna, you make yourself so vulnerable.”

I am vulnerable.  We all are.  So should I keep my stories, my emotions, my fears, my mistakes, my hang-ups and insecurities to myself?  Should I wake up every morning and don a mask of everything-is-always-sunny-in-my-world so that people won’t think I’m vulnerable.

Oh, hell no.

Wanna know why?  Because as much as we need to share our stories, we need to hear the stories from other people.  We get so removed from our own humanity in this world, from each others’ humanity.  Yet, we are human beings standing on a planet, like tiny pins all over a pin cushion, in the middle of a universe no one on this pin cushion really understands.

So yes, I will tell you my stories, and please, tell me yours.  Because your stories will give me strength to live mine.

Where to begin?  Begin with this moment.  Begin with the words, Right now.  Begin with any word, and if you stay with it, whatever story needs to be told will unfold from your pen and stand in front of you.

The story of our lives is the one true thing that belongs only to us.  Share it.  Tell it. Write it.  Love it.


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