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To Be Human

November 4, 2011
Today I slept in
to snuggle with Lucy
I woke up briefly, and fell back asleep softly
to a pink sunrise

The mission of John Fox’s “Institute for Poetic Medicine” is to “awaken the soulfulness in the human voice.”  How wonderful! What a life well lived on this earth, for him to have set out on this mission.

Thinking about his mission this morning had me thinking about being me, about being a human.  Writing about my life for the past 20 years has stripped me of my skin, made me raw and vulnerable.  I think this is because writing about our lives brings us again and again to the bedrock of our souls, to the place where we feel so acutely, where there is no way to escape the intensity and vulnerability of Life on this earth.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
Teilhard de Chardin

This morning I meant to write my next “Art of Life” class.  But instead, John Fox’s mission struck something in me, and this is what bubbled up:

We must live
within the soul of who we are
we must allow ourselves to cry when we are hurt
or angry
or frustrated
so we can release the valve, release the pressure
of trying to hold back our humanness.
Be human.  For God’s sake!
Because when we are, we allow others to
be human, be themselves.
Each and every one of us shares the Path of the Unknown.
None of us are immune to hurt, disaster, or tragedy.
For each of us, today may be our last.
So hold yourself with gentle hands, and
hold others with gentle hands.
We are all so vulnerable.
We are all so human.

Be bold and free in your humanness today.  We all need you to be just who you are, so that we can be just who we are.


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