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Dear Teachers,

Do we allow time for our students to give voice to their deep wisdom?

Do we listen?

Do we realize that when we teach, we are also students, and as they learn, they are also teachers?

Give your students a pen, blank page, and some time, and you give them power to make sense of their lives and find their unique purpose in this world.

This is what happens when we step aside and give one student ten minutes to express her thoughts in writing:

It’s a talent and a blessing to be mindful. Our generation is full of people, clones of each other’s brain-washed tendencies. Since when did Instagram likes become more important than telling someone in person what you like about them? Since when did Facebook statuses mean more than the message you carry to the world?

Imagine what we could do if we didn’t sit zombie-like, scrolling through meaningless social media. Time passes by, hours on end, of us tapping endlessly, in constant communication with others.

Since when did texting subside as a better alternative to face-to-face communication? Communication is key, the art of work spoken.

Time is ticking, look around you.

Look at the people, chatting. The trees waving at you with their long branches. Then clouds drifting by. Cars honking. Children playing. Look up! Observe, observe, observe even more. Life is beautiful. Stay mindful so you can be in the moment.

It’s a talent and a blessing to be mindful.

The world around you is alive and vital.   

-C., Minneapolis, MN




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