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inspiring professional development
for mental health and social services professionals/organizations
The Art and Therapeutic Benefit of Writing: An experiential workshop.

You who work in helping professions give your mental and emotional energy helping others in need.  You are in essence spiritual warriors on this Earth, working with the hearts and lives of humans often forgotten by the rest of the world.  Though this work is rife with purpose and soul, you are at risk of draining your personal wells.


In order to be most effective, you must first lift and fill your own mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. Writing is a powerful mindfulness-based practice and contemplative literary art that helps us process traumatic and life-changing events, gain clarity and enhance motivation, release toxic emotions and thoughts, improve our mental, emotional, and in turn, our physical health, reduce stress, understand ourselves within the context of our lives, engage in self-reflection, and practice creative visualization. 


During this experiential workshop, participants will be given information about writing as a therapeutic art form and alternative to traditional therapy, including current research about its physical, mental, and emotional benefits, as well as a model of how to guide clients onto the page. 


My goal is that you leave this workshop feeling elevated and inspired, not only with new ideas and ways to help the people with whom you work, but also as a way to nurture and enhance your own lives and mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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